Uffie’s first selfie for a loooong time

Uffie’s first selfie for a loooong time

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Uffie’s getting maried with Mason Poole Friday 9th August 2013, in 29 Palms Inn (near Los Angeles). Congratulations to her and Mason!

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Uffie’s yearbook? 

Uffie’s yearbook? 

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Shooting of Pop the Glock

Shooting of Difficult 

A beautiful angel in the dark…

Photos taken in Bangkok by Poj Patrick Kanjanahattakij

Great team

Great team

Uffie in the restrooms 

(Photographer : Fethi Karaduman)

Hey Uffie fans,

After many months of silence, I’m glad Uffiearchives come back with brand new pictures!

Here, Uffie and Clara 3000 made a DJ Set in Le Baron de Paris in 2009

Other photos are coming…